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Industrial & Custom Coatings

Coating Solutions

Apart from our conventional services, OAG provides one-stop solutions for Industrial & Custom coatings covering the following sectors:

Subsea Oil & Gas





Marine, Bridges and Ship building


Industrial & Custom Coatings Services

Available range of applications and services :

Specialist Service

Cable Protection

SURF-Shield cable protection developed by OAG to protect Subsea Umbilicals, Flowlines and Risers equipment. SURF-Shield consists of a pair of polyurethane interlocking half shell mechanisms which provides protection from impact and abrasion during its service life.

SURF-Shield can be manufactured in a range of lengths, thicknesses and diameters depending on client’s requests from a variety of polyurethane grades from the leading suppliers.

TNB Mats
OAG have developed a negative buoyancy polyurethane mat that protects subsea umbilicals, cables flexible jumpers and flexible flowlines. Our TNB Mats are manufactured using various polyurethane grades which includes an aggregate that promotes the negative buoyancy and provides protection against impacts and abrasion during its service life.
Bend Restrictors
Bend Restrictors prevent over-bending solutions between flexible flowlines, umbilicals, cables and rigid subsea structures by mechanically locking up.
PBC Solutions
A Piggyback Clamp (PBC) supports a variety of offshore operations including pipeline installation and cable laying in the following sectors: oil & gas and renewables. Centralizers, spacers and riser clamps are manufactured using moulded polyurethane to suit various size requirements.
Flange Protectors
Flange protectors are designed to protect and float hose flange connections. Flange protectors are made using various polyurethane grades that meet client requirements. These products produce a longitudinal and radial seal which prevents seawater ingress between the covers as well as ensuing that the flange stays damage free during installation.
Distributed Buoyancy Modules
Distributed Buoyancy Modules (DBM) consist of an internal clamping system and two buoyancy half shell elements. OAG manufacture the DBM using our own chemically blended polyurethanes which has been successfully used in other areas for subsea installations.
Drill Riser Repairs
OAG provides an overhauling repair service to existing drill risers that have been in damaged in service. Using composite and glass reinforced plastic repair materials that has advanced strength properties than the actual material within the drill riser. This repair solution option will prove to be lower in cost rather than full replacement.
Floating Systems
Floating systems are manufactured to provide a buoyant solution using closed cell polyethene foam which is then encapsulated with a high-performance polyurethane skin or can be moulded in place. The floating systems that OAG produce can absorb impact and heavy collisions with vessels.