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Offshore and onshore pipeline coating services

Global Specialist for Industrial Coatings & Offshore/ Onshore Pipeline Services

OAG strongly believes in our tagline “We Take Care” where OAG handles our activities without any worries to Clients. This is realized with our primary focus on delivering our promises and exceeding expectations by ensuring highest productivity on repetitive services, zero downtime, low repair rates and ever-ready attitude to handle challenging situations.

Our proven high quality products and services coupled with our strong track records have lead us in achieving high success rate and continuous repeat orders from our Clients.

What We Do

Field Joint Coating

We provide specialized application and installations of a full range of high-performance coating solutions used for the onshore and offshore pipelines using state of the art specialized equipment. OAG also offers coating and equipment solutions for onshore spool bases to meet our client requirements.

Non Destructive Testing
We provide advance NDT and conventional NDT which adheres to Enbridge Pipeline Specifications, applicable Codes and standards, regulatory requirements and other terms and conditions of the contract, in order to assist our client in meeting their productivity goals.
We deliver high welding quality standard to our clients with our state-of-the-art welding equipment, we also offer what we promise in terms of supplying highly skilled certified personal, quality craftsmanship and delivery of client expectations.

Why Choose Us

With the strong presence and capability in terms of equipment handling and manpower in the market, OAG has reached a remarkable point by providing Field Joint services for various pipeline length, from the shortest to the longest pipeline, consisting of thousands of joints per year.

This has contributed towards the acceptance of our clients in consistently repeating /using us for their projects worldwide and making us a premier pipeline service provider while maintaining the position as market leader in the field.

We are passionate in what we do and have invested in research and development to meet challenging operation conditions, repetitive movement applications and meeting new specification required by clients.


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