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OAG started as project management and technical support service provider for the oil and gas industry in 1999 which later evolved into providing coating services to many pipeline EPC. We then expanded our business to specializing in offshore and offshore pipeline coating, coating inspection, welding services, non-detructive testing and industrial and custom coatings. OAG operates out of destinations such as European, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and The Americas which has now expanded to the Central Asian and Africa regions.

Our Mission

To satisfy our customers & clients with quality service, excellent delivery and a professional approach

Our Vision

To offer WORLD CLASS SERVICE and to substantiate a realism of ZERO TOLERANCE FOR ERROR

Our Promise - WE TAKE CARE

We aim to provide “Peace of Mind” services to our clients which put trust on us, where we focus on delivering our promises and exceeding expectations by ensuring highest productivity on repetitive services, zero downtime, low repair rates and ever-ready attitude to handle challenging situations.

We create peace of mind for our customers by keeping with high production during construction stages with the presence of an innovative workforce. We take care and handle our activities, without any worries to Clients during the project execution.

OAG customizes solutions and supports its operation team round the clock to constantly deliver high-yield services catering to volatile demands. OAG demonstrates the capability of achieving strong track records and customer satisfaction through committed organization, well-structured Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) systems.

We are a world class service provider serving old and new clients, providing zero tolerance for error in everything that we do.