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Welding Service

Welding Services

OAG has achieved a unique reputation for meeting and exceeding clients’ project needs for our welding services. We have an excellent track history for complying and delivering to our clients’ requirements with their stringent specifications. OAG demonstrates high productivity with minimal weld repair rates. Over the years, OAG has successfully welded thousands of joints for many projects worldwide and we will continue to deliver a high-quality standard to our clients.
Automatic Welding System (AWS)

A dual torch multi process bug and band system which doubles the rate of metal deposition. It has individual weld parameter, independent controls of weld torch and robust mechanics for various diameters. This results to an increased productivity, minimal weld defects, high efficiency and limitless application condition.

Semi-Automatic Welding
An excellent solution for short pipelines utilizing Lincoln Surface Tension Transfer (STT) technologies. It doubles the production rate compared to manual.

Equipment Solutions

Internal Line Up Clamp (ILUC)
This self-propelled pneumatic machine lines up pipes within specified range of pipe thickness. It provides higher efficiency during pipe fit up through in-house designed wireless controller.
External Line-Up Clamp (ELUC)
Simple and maintenance free equipment, provides fit up quality up to 0.5mm deviation.
Pipe Facing Machine (PFM)
The system used in OAG maximizes quality and minimizes weld repair. Dual cutter hydraulic powered bevel equipment, provides bevel quality up to 0.05mm deviation