OAG has achieved a unique reputation for meeting and exceeding client’s project needs for our welding services. We have an excellent track history for complying and delivering to our client’s requirements with their stringent specifications. OAG demonstrate high productivity with minimal weld repair rates. Over the years, OAG has successfully welded thousands of joints for many projects worldwide and we will continue to deliver a high quality standard to our clients.

OAG has state of the art welding equipment and has the utilities to offer what we promise in terms of supplying highly skilled certified personal, quality craftmanship and delivery of client expectations.

Automatic Welding System (AWS)

OAG’s AWS is a dual torch multi process bug and band system which doubles the rate of metal deposition, individual weld parameter, independent controls of weld torch and robust mechanics for various diameters. This results to an increased productivity, minimal weld defects, high efficiency and limitless application condition.
It is a heavy duty, compact, orbital pipe welding assembly. The dual torch processes almost doubles the rate of metal deposition, hence the highest production rates is achieved with a reduced number of stations. This system work on all Carbon Steel pipes, range from 6” up to 60”.

Semi-Automatic Welding

An excellent solution for short pipelines utilizing Lincoln Surface Tension Transfer (STT) technologies. This method is very suitable for small to medium pipe size where automatic welding does not contribute to a big improvement in production speed. This system work from 6” pipe onwards, and have no limit for pipe material.

Manual Welding

OAG provide equipment and welder for manual welding, from pipeline to construction. The manual welding cover from 1G position upto 6GR position.

Equipment Solution

External Line up Clamp (ELUC)

ELUC aligns two pipes externally for welding as they are designed to accommodate spool, riser and internal coating pipes. It is a simple and maintenance free equipment, provides fit up quality up to 0.5mm deviation.

Pipe Facing Machine (PFM)

OAG’s PFM delivers tight tolerance benefiting the quality and productivity of the pipeline. The system used in OAG maximizes quality and minimizes repair besides reducing wall thickness of adjacent pipe during transition well. Dual cutter hydraulic powered bevel equipment, provides bevel quality up to 0.05mm deviation.

Internal Line Up Clamp (ILUC)

OAG’s ILUC aligns two pipes internally for welding as they are designed and built for high standards and are extremely robust for both onshore and offshore conditions. This pneumatic machine lines up pipes with different wall thickness within specified range of the clamps that are self-propelled.Moreover, It provides higher efficiency during pipe fit up through in-house designed wireless controller


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