OAG provides specialized application and installations of a full range of high-performance coating solutions used for the onshore and offshore pipelines using state of the art specialized equipment. OAG can also offer coating and equipment solutions for onshore spool bases to meet our client requirements.

Surface Preparation


High Speed Automatic Closed Cycle Blasting System is compact together with its sophisticated recovery equipment; consisting of a blasting pot, driven by dry compressed air which accelerates the abrasive medium through the enclosed twin blasting head, mounted opposite of each other, on a specially customised automatic revolving frame. The recovered abrasive and dust will be then classified, filtered and separated into another chamber. This vacuum recovery system of the Closed Cycle Blasting System allows more efficient use of blasting medium as well as providing an environment where other activities can be carried out safely within close proximity.

Heat Treatment

Induction Heating

Induction Heating System is the most efficient and safe way to preheat or post heat bare or coated pipe surface compared to other methods. This system enables fast and even heating without damaging the pipe’s anti-corrosion / parent coating, at the same time shortens the cycle time. The system consists of Clamp type frames for easy mounting and dismounting; works with an Induction Heating Control Gen Set ranging from 80kva to 200kva, depending on the pipe sizes.


Heat Shrink Sleeve

Anticorrosion protection on the welded girth of pipeline or bends, both polyethylene and polypropylene heat shrink sleeves. This process can be done either manually or through an automated solution for higher quality application

Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE)

Fusion bonded epoxy coating, also known as fusion-bond epoxy powder coating and commonly referred to as FBE coating, is an epoxy-based powder coating that is widely used to protect steel pipe used in pipeline construction

Multi Component Liquids (MCL)

High solids amine cured epoxy engineered specifically to deliver long term corrosion resistance to below grade Oil & Gas pipelines. It is formulated to provide outstanding resistance to impact, abrasion, chemical immersion, and from cathodic disbandment when used in combination with cathodic protection systems.

Infill Coating - Customized Solution

Product made up of two liquid chemical systems i.e. Polyol and Isocyanate; with a wide range of formulation that can cater to different applications, and requirements (Density, Open Cell System, Closed Cell System), Insulation, operating temperature, and floatation requirements of field joint coating.

GARD + Polyurethane System (HDPUF)

This rigid High Density Polyurethane system which is designed to provide an open cell up to 80% and provides a neutral buoyancy on the pipeline. OAG’s GARD system is also able to withstand the pressure exerted by the rollers & tensioners during offshore pipelay operations.

INSUGARD + Polyurethane System

SPU elastomer is an excellent material suitable for the pipeline which requires both thermal insulation and mechanical protection properties with density higher than sea water. SPU is also well suited for deep sea pipelines with harsh conditions or high pressured environment.

THERMOGARD+ Polyurethane System

An advance closed cell system used for pipeline infill with greater insulation requirement , enabling the pipeline to meet required U-Value and maintain consistent temperature for flow assurance.

Hybrid Insulation

Half Shell Hybrid System is a combination of Solid Polyurethane (SPU) and Polyurethane Foam (PUF) to achieve high level of insulation properties as this system is designed for its cost effectiveness, easy and fast to apply on the site characteristics.

INSUGARD+ Aggregate Mix

A dry aggregate is introduced into the system to provide rigidness and maintain stability on the sea bed.The system is versatile and can be used for onshore pipeline river crossings.

FLOGARD+ Polyurethane System

Closed cell system which is specifically designed and formulated for buoyancy buoys. The system is made based on Client’s request, compatible pipeline diameter, working water depth and project requirements.

INSUGARD C+ Polyurethane System

Specially formulated infill solution for extreme application and condition.INSUGARD C+ is suitable for robust environment such as pipe bottom pull from
open trench as well as directional drilling.

Equipment Solution

Automated Spray Equipment

High pressure plural component airless spray equipment, configurable to material properties and project volumes, is coupled to a robotic equipment automated spray head. The spray head travels around the pipe at constant speed and distance, depositing the liquid coating evenly.

High & Low Pressure Injection Molding Equipment.

High volume injection plural component fluid handling systems are used to process solid polyurethanes and polyurethane foams. Both types consist of large volume heated / pressurized holding tanks, and accurate ratio delivery by mass flow or volumetric flow, governed by PLC.